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Glass and Plastic

Ordinary Glass
2mm Float Glass, allows 90% light transmission and has less than 8% light reflection.
Non Reflective Glass
2mm Float Glass etched on one side (placed facing out of the frame). This causes the light to break up and so minimise reflections. Best used with no more than the depth of a single mount as it will blur the image if too far away from it.
Clear Colour PLUS Coated Glass
Specialist high quality coated picture framing glass designed to almost eliminate reflection and provide the perfect view of the framed image. Reduces reflection to less than 1% making the glass in the frame almost invisible. 98% light transmission. Water white also provides clear and accurate colour rendition of the image.
Clear Colour PLUS UV Coated Glass
The same specification as Clear Colour PLUS but with the added protection against harmful fading characteristics of UV rays. Provides over 90% protection from UV rays in daylight.
Plastic Glazing.
1.5mm Clear Plastic 'Glass'. Lightweight, versatile and shatter resistant, ideal for use in public areas or for use on images that need to be transported.