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A1 Mountboard Cream Core.
This is sold in the shop and is made from virgin wood pulp with a characteristic pale ivory colour core. Each board is alkaline sized and pH neutral. Available in 62 different colours.
White Core Mountboard.
These are our standard boards used in the workshop. They feature a pure white core that remains white for the life of the board, and offers a clean crisp bevel cut. Each board is lignin free, alkaline sized, pH neutral and is calcium carbonate buffered to enhance it's useful lifespan by minimising the effect of atmospheric pollutants. We have over 75 colours for you to choose from.
Conservation Mountboard.
A Professional Conservation board. The core is made from alpha cellulose fibres, featuring a soft natural white colour that remains white. Each board is alkaline sized, acid free and calcium carbonate buffered for enhanced durability and longevity. Boards are lignin free with no optical brighteners. Cover papers are colour fast, resillient and bleed resistant. Only some colours are  available in Conservation quality, but where they are, we stock them rather than the White Core boards and use them automatically.
Museum Mountboard
Archival quality Museum board made from 100% pure natural cotton fibres. Available in off white. Each board is unbuffered and free from acid, lignin and sulphur. ideal for use with valuable works of art or antique documents, boards are lignin free with no optical brighteners.